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Colorado. An untapped oil reserve of hip-hop, and with artist such as Randy anyone listening is guaranteed to strike oil. 

With an ambition to have his music heard by the world, Randy has taken the time to truly study the art, and learn the craft of making timeless hip-hop music and produce what is considered a solid body of work.

His first album "Unlikely Hero" is an arrangement of conscious and carefree tunes. Featuring R&B singer Dalon and fellow MC Shoddie songs such as "What Must I Do", "Sincerely Yours" and "Brotherhood" are built around clever hooks, stick to your rib rhymes and well crafted beats.

His second album "American Arrogance" The music is edgier ​but maintains the authenticity that "Unlikely Hero" provided. Featuring Dalon; MC's Brell, Moss and Lane-0 songs like "Connecting Politics", "American Arrogance", and "Strange Things" are meticulously put together with nod your head break beats and rhymes that will leave you enlightened. | 

| EarthCityUSA 
"After taking the time to truly study the art, and learn the craft of making timeless hip-hop music. We feel confident that We can contribute to the continuation of hip-hop - As an art." 
~ Earth City, USA.
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